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Exciting Plans unveiled for Taunton's newest Saturday market on Castle Green, beginning March 2024

As we head into 2024, Taunton's Castle Green is about to get a boost with the introduction of a brand-new monthly Saturday market run by local businesswoman Michelle Beck.

Starting from the last Saturday in March 2024 (30 March), the new Saturday markets will open the shopping experience up to people from outside of the area who rely public transport to get into Taunton and go further to re-establishing Castle Green as a hub of community spirit, creativity, and local commerce. Statistics show that the regular Sunday markets bring in 30-40% new visitors to the town every month which boosts the local economy of the town.


Michelle, the brainchild behind the successful Sunday edition of the Taunton Independent Markets said, “This new Saturday market will run alongside our popular Sunday markets and become a regular event on the town's social calendar. It will bring more people into our town centre on two weekends each month, therefore benefitting all the businesses within the town centre”.


Michelle will be actively collaborating with Taunton's town centre businesses, seeking their insights, and working in partnership with them to ensure the markets complement and enhance the town's vibrant shopping quarters. To further foster community engagement, Michelle plans to give away free market stalls each month to local businesses from all of Taunton’s shopping districts, allowing them to showcase their unique offerings to a wider audience.


Michelle will be working with local organisations like GO Create to incorporate different themes into the 2024 markets, and it is hoped that these collaborations will infuse the market with an artistic and creative flair, providing an even more diverse and enriching experience for visitors to Taunton.


Michelle added, "I am thrilled to announce this new monthly Saturday Independent Market to Castle Green. As a Taunton girl, my aim has always been to create a quality destination market in our ton centre and a space to showcase local independent businesses.  Also, somewhere where the community can come together, celebrate local talent, and support other local business owners. I want these markets to reflect Taunton’s unique spirit, and I believe that working closely with the local businesses that make our town centre special, is the key to its success. I want our markets to evolve to meet the needs and desires of the local community and visitors alike.”


Michelle is also inviting views and suggestions from the wider public so please email with your ideas.


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