The team at Daffodil PR & Communications offer a range of services to help your organisation to reach its full potential. 


At Daffodil PR, we will work with you to develop a comprehensive PR and marketing strategy to suit your needs, right through from the initial research to a positive outcome.

Are you an individual with Political ambitions, or a current Member of Parliament looking to increase your vote share in your constituency? If so, we can help you achieve your goals.


Our unique public affairs service fuses frontline political experience with positive media angles, to create hard-hitting and successful campaigns.


We have a proven track record in getting those in the public eye the right attention and positively engaging with constituents. We will encourage people to choose to listen to what you have to say, changing sometimes long standing political allegiances.  We have a proven track record in helping individuals fulfil their political goals.

At Daffodil PR, we are experts in delivering innovative engagement projects that support and empower communities to make positive changes in their neighbourhoods. 

From research, to photography and web design, Daffodil PR & Communications offer a range of other services to suit your business needs. 


Get in touch to find out more. 

We can maximise your media coverage to ensure everyone hears your good news. Whether it’s organising a tv or radio interview, or writing an eye catching press release, we are here to tell the world what you have to offer.

At Daffodil PR & Communications, we will help your business reach its full potential. With our extensive contact base, we can drive your business forward, building new and valuable relationships with the relevant people.

For many businesses, the biggest challenge to being online isn’t getting used to the tools, but putting together a plan. That’s where we come in.


Whether you need help with your website, producing e-newsletters or with your social media strategy, Daffodil PR & Communications is here to help.

Whether it is for your website, to improve your SEO or producing literature, get in touch with Daffodil PR & Communications today for engaging and effective copywriting services.

The idea of developing your own Social Media strategy can be a daunting thought - so that is where we come in. As experts in social media, Daffodil PR & Communications can help you to develop a strategy that’s a perfect fit for your business needs. 

With over 20 years combined experience in both Central and Local Government, we know the intricate workings of the political system. 

We are able to work with you to build relationships and positive interactions between your organisation or business, and Government departments and officials.

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