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Want to become a positive face in Politics?

One of our strengths at Daffodil PR and Communications is our experience in Political PR and Public Affairs. This probably isn’t something that we have said much about up until now, but it’s safe to say that currently, politicians aren’t enjoying the highest levels of popularity. Also, the general public are more than a little disillusioned with the majority of our Political and Government leaders.

To put it bluntly - people right across the UK are struggling to keep faith in anyone, or anything, associated with Politics or Government. Well, we can work with you to change that!

Are you an individual with political ambitions, or a current Member of Parliament looking to increase your vote share in the constituency? Do you want to regain some public respect and likability?

A high ranking popular British politician once shared a simple, but valuable piece of advice with us, something he had been told at the beginning of his career. It was “An MP’s biggest piece of armoury is their likability!”

It sounds simple doesn’t it!? But building a rapport and relationship with your constituents and potential voters will take a carefully planned PR strategy, something that you probably won’t have time to think about yourselves!

Daffodil PR & Communications can help you achieve your goals and build those positive relationships. We have both worked together for more than 5 years, working on the 2015 and 2017 General Election campaigns with very impressive results. Our unique approach and inspirational public affairs service fuses frontline Political experience with positive media angles to create hard-hitting, winning campaigns. We will work with you, as an extension of your existing team, to deliver your objectives and help to build your popularity.

We have a proven track record in getting people in the public eye the right sort of attention and helping them to positively engage with their audiences. We will encourage people to want to listen to what you have to say and to support you on your journey and we can help to change preconceived opinions and views.

We have a proven track record in helping determined individuals fulfil their political goals, so if you want to know more and how we might be able to help you, or your office, create a positive and engaging PR presence, then please do get in touch. | | 01823 461463


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