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Company Number 11400148

PR, Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media, Agency, Taunton, Somerset, Exeter, Devon, Bridgwater, Cardiff, Wales


Daffodil PR is a Member of the Somerset Chamber

Proud Members of



We are often asked what our favourite spring flower is and without even thinking twice about it, we both respond with Daffodils.


Both of Sharon's wonderful parents, shared a love of this simple, yet extremely elegant spring flower so it is something that is very deep-rooted in our hearts.


To us, Daffodils are beautiful flowers that never fail to capture the eye if spotted growing in other people’s gardens, on verges, at the markets and even at our own home.


Daffodils genuinely do make people happy with thoughts of excited anticipation about what the new Spring season has to offer.


Our family’s love of Daffodils is why we chose it for our company name and we just wanted to share it with you all!