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Client News: New Pet Physiotherapist in Town

Most of us think physiotherapy is a treatment for people recovering from an injury, or maybe for post-operative rehabilitation and pain relief. However, physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is an underutilised, but potentially powerful treatment for a wide range of health issues including back pain, neck pain, arthritis, strains and sprains.

Emily Gadd and Ros Wills Stonegallows Physiotherapy Daffodil PR and Communications Marketing Taunton Somerset

Whilst it’s most commonly thought of as a means of getting us humans back on our feet physiotherapy is becoming more widely used to treat a broad range of conditions in both our domestic pets and other animals, particularly as they get older.

Physiotherapy can also help to improve the quality of life for any dog, cat, horse or even rabbit that has painful joints or limbs. Animals can suffer pain and discomfort due to a variety of similar problems to humans, but they can’t tell us where their pain is, or if they have injured themselves, and they are often very clever at hiding their discomfort.

Animal or Veterinary physiotherapy is also often used as a preventative measure in top-level animal athletes such as thoroughbred racehorses.

Established in 2006, the Stonegallows Physiotherapy Clinic, who have recently moved to new, purpose-built premises in Taunton, now offer physiotherapy treatments to both animals and humans alike. Business partners Ros and Emily are both local to Taunton, where they have built up a loyal client base and a strong relationship with local Medical and Veterinary practitioners.

Emily recently qualified as an ACPAT (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy) Veterinary Physiotherapist, meaning that now, alongside their regular human clients, Emily can also treat animals. These might range from our beloved pet dogs, cats and rabbits, to larger working animals and horses. Emily is also on the Register for Animal Musculoskeletal Practitioners (RAMP) Further information available on

Emily said, “I obviously love working with people and practicing traditional physiotherapy is hugely rewarding, but I also find working with animals particularly fulfilling and enjoyable”. Keeping with the equine theme, Emily is also undertaking research, as part of her final year of her MSc, in horse rider asymmetries and as a keen rider herself, this is something that she has a specific interest in.

On the 7th December Stonegallows Physiotherapy clinic are having an open day to celebrate their 1st year in their custom-built premises at Ash Lodge, Cook way, just off Bindon Road in Taunton. The Clinic boasts four spacious treatment rooms, a comfortable waiting area and plenty of free parking. They are also celebrating 13 years of providing specialist physiotherapy services in and around Taunton. In addition to the more traditional physiotherapy services, Stonegallows Physiotherapy Clinic also offers Sports Massage Therapy, by talented Sports Massage therapist and Podiatrist Jo Supple.

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