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It’s Time to Get our Men Talking

With the country in Lockdown and people socially distanced or self-isolating, the nation’s mental health is under new and unprecedented pressure. Men - never the best communicators - are at particular risk with suicide being the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45. In the last week, the UN have said a mental health crisis is looming due to social isolation and fall out from the pandemic.

Production company, One Tribe TV, who have offices in Bath & Cardiff, launch “The Mind Shed” - a unique chat show which sees four Welshmen, all with an intimate knowledge of mental health issues, come together to talk openly about mental health. The show focuses on life in lockdown, while trying to answer the age-old question - “why don’t men talk?”.

“The Mind Shed” is on BBC Radio Wales, on Tuesday 19th May at 6.30pm to tie in with Mental Health Awareness Week. The show features a panel made up of: well-known TV presenter Matt Johnson who has openly talked about his battle with depression; frontline NHS Doctor and ex Love-Island contestant Dr Alex George; Barber of the Year and Ambassador for the mental health charity, Lions Barber Collective Ambassador, Matt Guerin and Cardiff based journalist, presenter and life coach, Mo Jannah.

Speaking about The Mind Shed, Dr Alex said, “Men are often expected to be tough and strong, not showing their emotions, however this just bottles up mental health problems that could be helped and solved by reach out and asking for help. I am passionate about breaking this stigma around mental health.”

Life Coach Mo Jannah added, "One of the biggest causes of depression is not having someone who you can trust, to talk to. It is time to change that! We are all social animals, which means we are built to talk and share. It’s time to get back to the basics, it’s time to talk".

The Mind Shed’s aim is to show men that it is ok to talk – whether to mates, family members or even a health professional if needed. The Mind Shed plans to get our men talking, to help encourage conversation, and to help a great number of men who often suffer in silence.


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