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Why you should outsource your marketing

As a business or organisation, you need marketing. You also need strategy. There is always the big question on whether to keep this in house, or outsource your marketing to an agency. Here, we explain just a few reasons why outsourcing is a great idea:

1. It saves time, and money!

Hiring an experienced agency saves you so much time. There's no job adverts, interviewing, training, settling in stages etc. Once you've decided on an agency, you have an experienced team of marketing experts that can hit the ground running. Not only this, but generally speaking, hiring a marketing agency costs your business much less than hiring a dedicated marketing manager. In addition. companies also don’t need to pay for holiday pay, sick pay - the list goes on.

2. Less to worry about

Using an external marketing agency means you have less involvement in the day to day running of things on the marketing and PR front. Whilst there are so many things than need day-to-day attention, taking up a lot of time and management, such as email marketing, copy writing and social media, you will have an expert team to deal with this. Therefore, you can focus on running your core business and leave the experts to manage your marketing.

3. A fresh perspective

Outsiders are generally much more effective at providing a fresh, new approach to your marketing plans. They are more objective than the insiders are and, accordingly, they may suggest more constructive criticism. On top of this, an external team won’t get involved in office politics, they won’t get sucked into opinions or egos.

4. Sustainability

Since outsourcing your marketing is a more cost-effective option, you will be able to sustain it for a longer period of time. This is especially helpful for things such as social media, where it may take time to develop a comprehensive strategy to build valuable, long-term followers, and will enable you to get a deeper understanding of your business' marketing needs.

So, what sets us apart from the rest? We are a mother daughter team and therefore we are different generations and have different strengths, but we have one thing in common: we want to achieve success in everything we do.

We are bigger picture thinkers and we will act as your internal team, but better! We aren’t like other agencies who ‘specialise’ in one area of marketing; we operate the entire machine, so if you are an ambitious business owner or individual looking to achieve measurable success, you have come to the right people!

For a free, initial meeting with Daffodil PR & Communications, get in touch on 01823 461462 or


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