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We hear so many myths surrounding marketing, we thought we'd set the record straight on a few, from our perspective. Here are 5 common marketing myths - busted!

1. 'Any publicity is good publicity!'

This old adage is definitely false! Bad publicity is bad for business. It is better to have no publicity, than negative publicity - trust us, having worked in the world of politics we know about this all too well. Bad publicity spreads quickly and stays in people's minds longer. Negative press will tarnish your reputation quicker than you can say, 'oops!'. If you find yourself getting bad publicity then you need to ensure that your chosen PR person can flip it to be a positive ASAP.

2. Having a website is good enough.

You have to put yourself out there for people to notice you in today's competitive world. Hundreds of companies are competing with you on the web for business and you need to ensure that it is you that catches their eye. Whether it's via social media, blog posts or getting into the press, you want to ensure that you are the ones that are noticed. We no longer live in a world where you can simply just have a website, you need to always be one step ahead of your competitors.

3. The best marketing works instantly.

Wrong - marketing takes time to see lasting results. Sure, a special offer, discount or competition will draw customers in quickly, but you actually need to hang on to those customers. Slow and steady wins the race in marketing. It's vital to have a comprehensive PR strategy in place that will ensure you see a steady growth for your business. Get those new and existing customers wanting more!

4. More followers means more business.

This is a complete myth! Yes, you can buy followers and likes for your social media, but how many of those will be genuine people who are actually interested in your product or business? This is a classic case of 'quality vs quantity' and trust us - quality always comes out on top!

5. 'I have a steady client base already, therefore, I don’t need to invest in marketing.'

We are yet to find a company that is totally happy with the way their business is going, there is always more to be done, even if it is just to retain your place in the market. You are not going to grow your business, or keep your customers without strong and effective marketing. There will always be potential customers that you haven't yet tapped in to. The more you invest in your company’s marketing, the more return on investment you will see - and the more return on investment you see, the more your company grows. We are in a competitive market and sadly you cannot afford to sit on your laurels!


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