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Marketing Trends for 2019

Now that the New Year has well and truly begun, we thought we'd take a look at three of the new marketing trends you can expect to see popping up in 2019.

1. Brand Story Telling

The way companies can tell their stories has changed. No longer is it purely through advertising or journalists producing articles. Brand storytelling goes much deeper into who you are, and why you're doing what you're doing. Brand storytelling is more about the experience you create, and how you engage your customers, as opposed to bragging about yourself. There's a big difference. Ultimately a brand’s story is not just something businesses should refer to every time they launch a marketing campaign or issue a press release. It should be the foundations on which a future growth strategy is built.

2. Data-Driven Content

When people think content, they often think creative. But in reality, great content marketing is a blend of both creativity and data. Data is so key to ensuring you get the customer experience right. There is no better way to know what your customers and clients want, than to examine the data you are receiving.

By using data to determine your approach, you're able to work more productively, create the right content faster and deliver the content to the right customer on the right channel.

3. Influencers

Whilst influencer marketing is a classic social media marketing strategy, in 2019 brands will need to focus more on identifying exactly who those 'influencers' are.

For example, Iceland recently switched from using celebrities in their marketing campaigns, to partnering with "real" people (micro-influencers) because their customers (mothers, in this case) trusted other mothers above brands and so-called "industry experts".

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